I am inspired,determined, insane, wistful,quixotic, calming, crazed and soulful. My mood often changes but I am always me. I can care to much or not at all, and I always say God bless you when I hear a sneeze. Spring is beautiful but I love the fall. Fashion is my drug and writing is my passion. Books are my escape and my bed is home. I'm a sucker for cupcakes, and go weak at the knees at the sight of a starbucks. A Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte is my signiture drink but I do try new things. Coco Chanel is divine, while Marc Jacobs Daisy is for work but make no mistake that Cocoa Mademoiselle is me. My makeup is simple but my eyes are exotic. I FIEND Marlboro Lights but I try to stay away from temptation. I still watch Cartoons but hate reality t.v. I'm a good friend, a kind lover, but the best listener. I've got Peter Pan philosophy and will never grow up. Love me or hate me I'll still stand tall. I live for me and have love for all.

Friday, December 31, 2010

I Carry You With Me



What I’m currently obsessed with, and can’t seem to go anywhere without.

My AA Cordura School Bag. And I decorated the beaut with a Domo keychain, you know, play down that navy just a bit (o.O)





What I keep inside for now. It always switches up


Clockwise: 1.) Panda hat; 2.)AA filtered water bottle; 3.)Tokidoki notenook; 4.) Badgal Lask Mini Mascara 5.) Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss; 6.) Hair Clip; 7.)Victoria Secret Pretty Little Things Noir body mist; 8.) My Nook, George; 9.) Moleskine Planner

Monday, December 20, 2010

…baby, it’s a wild world

I’m absolutely addicted to this show. Maybe I’ll try and give the US MTV version a shot