I am inspired,determined, insane, wistful,quixotic, calming, crazed and soulful. My mood often changes but I am always me. I can care to much or not at all, and I always say God bless you when I hear a sneeze. Spring is beautiful but I love the fall. Fashion is my drug and writing is my passion. Books are my escape and my bed is home. I'm a sucker for cupcakes, and go weak at the knees at the sight of a starbucks. A Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Latte is my signiture drink but I do try new things. Coco Chanel is divine, while Marc Jacobs Daisy is for work but make no mistake that Cocoa Mademoiselle is me. My makeup is simple but my eyes are exotic. I FIEND Marlboro Lights but I try to stay away from temptation. I still watch Cartoons but hate reality t.v. I'm a good friend, a kind lover, but the best listener. I've got Peter Pan philosophy and will never grow up. Love me or hate me I'll still stand tall. I live for me and have love for all.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Take My Picture

I was never fortunate enough to own a Polaroid camera, but I think getting the Fuji Instax Instant Camera will somewhat make up for it. Like in Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation, I want to be the girl who ..."goes through a photography phase. You know....horses, taking pictures of your feet".

I also like that the pictures are credit card size (two =the size of one polaroid). Sometimes you want to carry a hard copy of your memories around, and still have room for other shit in your bag.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You Don't Know Me

I'm a crouch smoker/txter, I wear converse sneakers with the fanciest of clothes I own, my whole life resides in two notebooks, my favorite pastime is reading fashion magazines standing in my kitchen while drinking coffee, milk duds are my life, i draw hearts on everything(its my thing), i have a habit of eating starbursts before making out for b4 taste lol, i love sleeping outside, i have so many rings that mean so much to me..., taking a nap with loved ones completes me, I will always watch cartoons, i always seem to finish a good book while sitting in my bathroom, leggings and his t-shirt=my house wear

Because you don't know, but i know all of u, but i'm glad that u don't; i still have a piece of me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

...tell them that it's human nature

Alexander Wang a.k.a. my husband.

and so many more that it's ridiculous....

NOW: Current favorites

(pics coutesy of myspace and google)

Monday, April 27, 2009

There are worse things I could do

I love Grease but only because of Rizzo. If I were anyone I'd probably be her. And not just by choice either...

I don't steal and I don't lie, but I can feel and I cry , In fact I'll bet you never knew, but to cry in front of you,
that's the worse thing I could do

Love it

This is my favorite

I'd do anything to get a pink ladies jacket.....ANYTHING! lol